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Book 1 – Introduction, Part 1

I’m thoroughly defined by all the people that I know.
My Thor just got his hammer at the local Home Depot.
My wise all-knowing Odin’s got a data entry job
And Set’s barge is stuck in traffic ‘cause Asphaultia’s a slob.
I’m just a one tailed kitsune; I ain’t been out in weeks
But I don’t mind it so much ‘cause I like hanging with the freaks.

Dionysus went straight-edge ‘cause he gets more prayers that way
In a sanitized society where Wal-Mart rules the day.
Apollo’s mining coal where there are never any lights
And no one hears our screams for help ‘cause we have no sound bites.
I’m just a one tailed kitsune; to you I’m only streaks
On the windshield of your car while you go barreling through freaks.

-Cheryl Montague

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