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War of the Foxes is a modern folktale about  a girl who wanted to save her friends and the woman who tried to stop her. Cheryl Montague is smitten in postmodern ecstasy over acquiring her own tail, even if it means stealing it from the MIT Media Lab. In preparing it for daily use, she meets Elory Burke, a former belle of the BDSM/fetish community who wore a tail herself once, but now lives isolated near Jamaica Plain, MA. The two women become unlikely supporters of each other until Cheryl commits what Elory considers an inexcusable act at a furry convention called Furrificon. Then, it is youth against age, fox against fox in a struggle for reputation, love and honor in a place in an insular community where real lives are on the line.

This novel was written by Alicia E. Goranson subsequent to the publication of her novel Supervillainz.

This novel is divided into three books:

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